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David Tims

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Greetings, I am David Tims, a seasoned tech lead and Director of Operations at Housman Digital. My expertise lies in developing captivating digital experiences that put the needs of the end user at the forefront. I am a developer who is passionate about transforming ideas into engaging web applications, visual media and immersive experiences.

With a broad skill set encompassing JavaScript, Next.js, PHP, and other web languages, I have created both front and back-end frameworks for large-scale web applications.

As a marketer, I focus on utilising best SEO practices, social media outreach, and web content to simplify tasks for maximum growth.

At Housman Digital, I am committed to bringing the digital, design, and development side of marketing to the forefront. By leveraging my skills in web technologies and social media, I aim to create compelling digital experiences that engage and convert users.

Mobile first ideology, some information…

Throughout my career, I have collaborated with clients from various industries, from startups to enterprise companies. My ability to bridge the gap between technical development and marketing strategy has helped me deliver successful projects consistently.

When I’m not busy writing code or strategising, I enjoy tinkering with retro technologies and delving into great reads. My passion for technology and the natural world inspires me to create innovative solutions that aim to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

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